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Degree Information

Admission Criteria

To be eligible for full admission, candidates must have:

  • An overall undergraduate grade point average of 2.75 or higher OR
  • A graduate point average of 2.75 in the last 60 hours attempted OR

Applicants who do not meet the above criteria may be eligible for conditional admission if they meet one of the following criteria:

  • An overall undergraduate grade point average of 2.5 OR
  • An overall undergraduate grade point average of 2.25 with five years having passed since the date of the first bachelor's degree

Admission Requirements

Submit the following items to the Jackson College of Graduate Studies (JCGS) at:

Jackson College of Graduate Studies
100 N. University Dr.,
Nigh UniversityCenter, Rm. 404,
Edmond, OK 73034

  1. Paper or online application for admission (www.uco.edu/graduate/admissions.html).
  2. Official copies of undergraduate and graduate transcripts from each institution attended with all degrees posted. All transcripts must be from accredited institutions. Undergraduate transcripts must show a minimum 2.75 GPA overall or 2.75 GPA in the last 60 hours attempted.
  3. Students falling below this standard may qualify for conditional or provisional admission. See Admission to Graduate Studies section.
  4. Students with a native language other than English must submit evidence of English language proficiency. See Admission to Graduate Studies section - English Language Proficiency.

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Graduation Requirements

Required Courses (13 Hours)

  • PTE 5013 - Foundations of Educational Research
  • GERO 5023 - Orientation to Gerontology
  • GERO 5743 - Gerontology Colloquium
  • GERO 5900 - Practicum in Gerontology
  • GERO 5900 - Thesis

Guided Electives (15-17 Hours)

  • GERO 5363 - Psychology of Aging
  • GERO 5463 - Bereavement Counseling
  • ADED 5453 - Psychology of Adult Development
  • GERO 5443 - Biology of Human Aging
  • GERO 5213 - Health & Social Services for Seniors
  • GERO 5342 - Politics of Aging
  • GERO 5731 - Drug Issues for Older Adults
  • ADED 5313 - Techniques of Teaching Adults
  • SOC 5053 - Sociology of Aging
  • GERO 5523 - Qualitative Gerontology

Advisor Approval Electives (4-5 Hours)


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Other Requirements

  1. Plan of Study. Each student must file a plan of study with his/her graduate program advisor and the Jackson College of Graduate Studies by the end of the first semester of graduate work. The plan must be signed and dated
    by the student and the graduate program advisor before
    it can be considered official.
  2. Academic Standards. Meet the following course work standards:
    1. overall GPA of 3.00 or higher.
    2. no more than 6 hours of “C”.
    3. no more than six advisor-approved hours from traditional correspondence courses.
  3. Writing Assessment. Complete a writing assessment with passing score.
  4. Thesis. If applicable, complete an acceptable thesis and successfully defend it publicly, submit two paper copies of the thesis to the library and one electronic copy to the library through Proquest, and submit the thesis’ title page, original signature page, and abstract page to the JCGS.
  5. Final Requirements. Apply for graduation through the JCGS by the advertised deadline.

Sample Plan of Study

Download: Sample Plan of Study

Tentative Course Offerings

To see which courses are expected to be offered each semester, follow the provided link to UCO's Schedule of Classes. Please note that the schedule is subject to change.

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