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Welcome from the Department Chairman,
Dr. David Ford

This is the website for the Department of Sociology and Substance Abuse Studies at the University of Central Oklahoma.

The department mission is to broadly educate students in human service skills, knowledge, and experiences that prepare them for research, further education in their related fields, and occupations in public services. The Department actively pursues professional education and research opportunities for faculty and staff. Stakeholder's input is actively solicted for use in refining programs and policy.

The department offers a Bachelor of Arts degrees in Sociology, Criminal Justice, Substance Abuse Studies, and Human Services. Most of the degree programs allow students to take electives in one or more areas. Some of these areas include; Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Criminal Justice, and Political Science.

Please visit our program web pages for additional information. You may also contact the departmental administrative assistant, Evelyn RomanNose at 974-5520 or