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Miranda Bradley, a recent graduate from the University of Central Oklahoma, holds a Bachelor of Arts in English-Creative Studies.  As a returning student, she works toward a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing degree.  Along with graduating Cum Laude, Miranda is the recipient of the 2008 Geoffrey Bocca Scholar, a member of the Sigma Tau Delta and Alpha Chi honors societies, and a former acquisitions editor and staff writer for the New Plains Review.

Miranda lives in Edmond with her husband, three children, an exceptionally brilliant guinea pig, and a Siamese fighting fish. She wishes to assure everyone that her husband and children are also quite brilliant, and that she only offers an extended praise of brilliance to Papa, the guinea pig, because he cleans his own cage, creates only a minimal amount of dirty laundry, eats whatever she serves, and never talks back.)

In her spare time, Miranda recites Shakespeare sonnets and Donne sermons from memory and in various foreign languages. She also manages to enjoy her family, write the occasional confessional poem, and, in collaboration with her daughter, works on a series of short stories about a guinea pig with magical powers.

Miranda repeatedly boasts on having never purchased a luxury SUV nor enlisted the services of a nanny and housekeeper, but does so only to compensate for her inability to afford neither. She dreams of someday writing a novel which is recognized by the Oprah Book Club and teaching creative writing courses on a warm beach.  However, she would have no problem with reading a couple of books that are in the Oprah Book Club while lounging on a warm beach.


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