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Welcome to the College of Liberal Arts Dashboard

The college dashboard has been created to provide faculty, staff, administrators, and students with a means of viewing key indicators about the college and its stakeholders (students, faculty, staff, etc.)

The information has been gathered from numerous sources and in most cases, more than five years. Some of the data points are rooted in 2001-2002 surveys while other data is relatively new. One of the challenges is presenting the data in a systematic and linear manner. Education and assessment is fundamentally dynamic. There are instances that the instruments were modified to either meet new expectations or because faculty have sought ways of improving their precision. We have endeavored to present the data in a consistent fashion and indicate any changes to either the instrument or collection of data with asterisks.

The pages in this interface have been divided into four major categories, accessible vis-a-vis the tabs along the top of the page.

Student Success measures student retention and graduation rates.

Student Satisfaction measures student perception of the classroom experiences.

Student Learning Outcomes measure the college's progress in meeting Central Six learning objectives  identified in the Liberal Arts Assessment Plan.

Learning Environment measures the college's progress in providing the optimal learning environment for students.

The initial pages in each book contain benchmarks. Along the side of each book are tabs that will offer the user more information on how closely the the data matches the benchmark or goal of the college. For example, a green bar means we met the benchmark or goal whi a red bar indicates that we did not meet out benchmark. This allows the user to quickly ascertain the performance of the college.

The right hand sides of the secondary pages include graphs or other visuals that contain multiple years data. This provides the user with trend data, gaining a sense of improvements or decline by the college. If a user wishes to drill deeper into the data, links are provided to present the raw data sets.

We welcome any suggestions you may have. Please direct your questions or comments to the webmaster.